Cute Little Things!

Randy & Laura got the grandkids these cute shirts at Universal Studios in Orlando so Davey captured some great shots.

While Annie & Jared were in town, Daniel took some great family photos of the Riter family. He did such a great job!



We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It was the first time in several years my whole family was together under one roof for Thanskgiving. A total of 34 of us- 18 kids. I will have to post one of the family photos that we took once they are done.

Andy & Elizabeth were kind enough to host the dinner at their home. I love my family and am very fortunate to be a part of it. We had a very busy weekendand it was so enjoyable.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Lucy's baby blessing
  • Family photos
  • Hall traditional Crepe dinner
  • Visit from Santa
  • Black Friday shopping
  • DimSum
  • Theron & Amanda's turkey enchiladas

    The Three Amigos!

    This little boy melts my heart!

    Cousin gift exchange- thanks, Lincoln for the awesome gift!

    Uncle Andy entertaining Jude & Cece

    Here comes Santa

    She was NOT happy! Love this photo. Classic!

Car & Swing

I was getting a little nervous for a bit thinking that we do NOT have an adventurous child. I bought her a little car for her birthday and was so excited to give it to her thinking that she would love it. Well- she did like it but didn't like to get into it until almost a month later. I had Olive come over and show Cece how it is done. That didn't work. A while later, Jude was in town and he got in and rode around in the car. Sure enough- later that day Cece decided she wanted to take it for a spin. What's funny about that is- we were in Utah in October enjoying some beautiful fall weather and Cece was around Jude who was walking. Well- the day after we got home- guess who decided that she wanted to walk?! I wonder what Jude will teach her next.

First time in a swing and hated it- probably my fault for waiting so long to try it out

This was before Cece was willing to ride in her car. She was trying to get something out of it and got stuck. It was pretty funny and I'm so glad Davey captured it. Poor little girl- but it is cute.



Happy Birthday, Cecilia Rose

We can't believe Cecilia is already one. This past year has flown by and it has been remarkable. Cecilia has brought so much joy into our lives. I really wish I had been better about keeping a journal or up on my blog during this past year. Just a few things about Cecilia at a year mark:
  • She is short- just like her mom in the 5th percentile
  • She loves to talk and has started talking with her hands
  • She loves to laugh- we wondered about that for a while since she was so very serious from day one. Now she smiles so much and loves to chuckle
  • She is a great eater- will eat spinach by the handful
  • She loves to walk around the house eating and holding things in her arms
  • She loves her dad
  • She loves her swimming lessons- she got her first progress report and still has a few things to work on :)
  • She loves music- she took Music Together classes with her cousins Jonathan & Samuel and loved them
  • She already knows how to fake cry but ends up laughing at herself
  • She loves to play- she entertains herself so well
  • She loves to feed herself
  • She loves Siri- will probably break her mom's phone soon
  • She loves her Mimi- they both have a case on each other
  • She loves her cousins
  • She loves to sleep with her blahblah named Pumpkin
  • She has become quite the napper-finally
  • She has slept 12 hours a night since she was 6 weeks
  • She loves to eat ice
  • She says pretty much anything you ask her to say
  • She gets so excited when her Aunt Millie comes through the front door
  • She hates sitting in church and usually ends up in the foyer
  • She takes Spanish lessons
  • She now loves to give kisses
  • She loves taking baths
  • She loves holding her mom's hand- I will put my hand out and as soon as she sees it she will walk right over to me no matter what she is doing
  • She is a great traveler
  • She finally loves to swing and ride in her little car

    I could go on and on but instead- I will post a bunch of photos. Can't you tell that we adore this little girl. It is hard to imagine life without her. She has changed us and we are so blessed to be her parents.
Jeff & Elyse were so sweet and let me host Cece's party in the beautiful big backyard.
Birthday morning- loved the car but wouldn't get inside it. Just wanted to play from the outside.

    Birthday lunch at Joe's Farm Grill

    Aunt Kiki brought Cece a cupcake and she was in heaven

    Beautiful rose cake that Aunt Alysson made for Cecilia Rose

    If you can't tell- I love this girl!

    Love her smile with her big teeth


    Riter Family
    Mimi & Grandpa

    Yes- Cecilia does love Mindy & Shaun- as do her parents

    Pretty ladies


Disneyland with an 11 month old was actually a lot of fun and Cecilia loved it! We went with the Martins, my mom & Timmy. I'm so glad that Millie came with us at the last minute too. Cecilia really enjoyed the rides and would wave at the characters. Her very first ride at Disneyland was Peter Pan- and I love that because it has always been one of my very favorites.  Our trip was so nice. Davey and Millie only got to go to the park one day then had to fly back to AZ for work. We missed them but enjoyed another 2 days. Cecilia didn't fuss but maybe 5 minutes the 3 full days we spent at the park. I ate my weight in turkey legs, dole whip, caramel apples, churros- you name it. I'm ready to go back!

Cecilia wasn't sure what the think about Mickey

Cece's first visit to the beach with her Aunt Millie

In line for Peter Pan- her very first ride

Julie & I were twins

This kid cracks me up. He was a true delight on our trip. He wasn't too thrilled with getting his photo taken with this girl